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Herriau seed drills ensure highly accurate seed placement, even under the most challenging conditions. Our seed drills assure you of optimal, uniform emergence and allow you to save significantly on seed. Thanks to our seed drills’ flexibility, we always have a suitable solution to fit your needs.
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Herriau seed drills

Superior crop establishment

Possibly in combination with other seedbed preparation equipment, Herriau seed drills ensure accurate seed placement, planting seeds at a uniform depth with the right spacing. Our seed drills are ISOBUS-ready and can be connected directly to your tractor’s display screen.

Broad selection of quality custom seed drills

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Pneumatic precision seed drills

Herriau specialises in manufacturing precision air seeders to ensure the right spacing between plants. Our Satellite and Integrata optimise seedling emergence uniformity, simplifying the harvesting process as well. This makes the Herriau specialised precision seeder a must-have for every farmer and farm labourer.

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Front hoppers

Combining a front hopper with a seed drill saves you time and costs. Your capacity increases, as fewer refill stops are required. Furthermore, refilling from smaller bags is easy thanks to the low filling height. A front hopper also ensures an optimal weight distribution. That way, you can use a less powerful tractor.

Our front hoppers are suitable for seed, fertiliser and granules. To handle certain conditions, we can fit our front hoppers with press wheels. These can be mounted along the full working width (up to 6 metres).

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To guarantee optimal performance of your Herriau seed drill, we recommend using original Herriau parts. That way you are always assured of superior quality tailored to your needs. Order all your discs, coulters and row units from Herriau’s online shop.

Turbosem: the benchmark

Extremely consistent metering and uniform crop emergence have made the Turbosem a precision seeder benchmark for several decades now. This is due to the machine’s unique distributor head. Seed is either blown to this head from the hopper or transported by an OLDS ELEVATOR™. The seed lands on a revolving conical disc that distributes it evenly across a maximum of twelve outlets. The seed drops from the head onto a small repository and is drawn to the distributor plate with seed band. A singulator eliminates doubles. Then the vacuum drops away and the seed is blown to the row unit. The seed is deposited in the soil with extreme precision thanks to the unique design of the share and press wheel.

The distributor head is fed by means of a

  • simple venturi system
  • Venturi system with electrically powered impeller
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Venturi system

With a conventional venturi system, seed is drawn from the hopper to a narrower section of air flow and towards the distributor head. This is where the venturi effect occurs. As this requires a great deal of air pressure, we have designed a venturi system with an electrically powered impeller. We added an electrically powered impeller in the narrower section where the seed was drawn from the hopper. Another benefit is that you can stop the feed to the distributor head by turning off the impeller motor.

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The OLDS ELEVATOR™ is a patented system to transport seeds efficiently. Where in the traditional version, an auger revolves inside a fixed tube, here the tube revolves around the auger instead. This doesn’t just increase capacity, it also leads to less broken seed. As the system uses a hydraulic drive, the feed to the distributor head can be turned off here as well. For versions with three or more distributor heads, it also becomes possible to eliminate one of the blowers.

Different row units explained

Overview of row units, depending on the type of seed drill:

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Standard row unit

Standard row units are suitable for sowing seed with a minimum row spacing of 12.5 cm. The press wheel is supplied in a regular or stainless steel version, depending on the soil type. We distinguish between standard coulters and coulters with Widia wear plates for improved wear resistance. A spring controls the downforce to the unit. The depth is adjusted using a lever along the side, meaning no additional tools are required. The press wheel has a maintenance-free bearing. The standard row unit can also be fitted with an optional scraper. This improves furrow covering, resulting in a more level seedbed.

Row unit with cutting disc

The row unit with cutting disc is suitable for planting with a minimum row spacing of 16.7 cm. The cutting disc is mounted in front and to the side of the coulter. This positioning ensures optimum effectiveness with only one disc. This disc enables easier planting in cultivated soil that still contains crop residues. The disc cuts through the trash ahead of the coulter, preventing accumulation. The cutting depth is set independently of the seeding depth. The seeding depth can be adjusted by means of a depth wheel behind the press wheel. The press wheel is made of regular or stainless steel, depending on the soil type. A spring controls the downforce to the unit.

Parallelogram row unit

This type of row unit is used for crops with widely spaced rows. Its parallelogram-shaped suspension follows the ground’s contours, ensuring an accurate seeding depth. The unit can be fitted with a disc to cut through any trash ahead of the coulter, preventing accumulation. A rear closing wheel applies additional pressure.


  • Press wheel in share prevents rolling and improves capillarity
  • Depth gauge wheel next to press wheel for optimised contour following
  • Downforce on units by means of adjustable spring
  • Seeding depth adjustable from 0.5 to 7 cm with a spanner
  • Duckfoot on long units closes furrows

HD (Heavy Duty)

  • Heavier bearing for longer life
  • Stainless steel press wheel
  • Adjust seeding depth without tools
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Advantages of Herriau seed drills

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Innovative, future-oriented seed drills that will make the difference for you


Excellent operational reliability and long life thanks to high-quality construction


Continuous seed metering adjustment, full control over skips and doubles, etc.


Less seed waste with spinach, wheat, barley, etc.


Highly precise metering and distribution for optimal crop emergence and a better harvest


Modifications tailored to your needs with variations in working width or minimum row spacing


As agriculture is always evolving, so does Herriau. Farmers and farm labourers are always wondering how they can use their seed drills more efficiently and sustainably. In a very competitive industry, this is the key to a flourishing agricultural business. With our Herriau seeders, we want to be your partner now and in the future. Our development of custom seed drills focuses strongly on the future and is based on innovation and strict quality standards. We pay close attention to your needs and wishes to be able to deliver a seeder that’s fully adapted to you.

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