Simplifying your life with the best possible seed drills for various agricultural applications: this is our mission! It has been for many years. Learn more about our mission, vision and advantages here.

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Our story

The Herriau company originated in France. It remained a family business for many years until its acquisition by Exel Industries, a large French listed company, in 2003. Exel Industries specialises mainly in agricultural sprayers and sugar beet harvesters, not so much in seed drills. This is why Herriau was resold to Vallaey in 2016. Vallaey already imported Herriau machines for the Belgian market and, since 2016, now owns Herriau as well.

About us

Our mission and vision

Each day, we work to improve our seed drills for agricultural use, based primarily on feedback from our actual users, the farmers and farm labourers. We are always looking for ways to adapt our machines even more perfectly to current and future arable farming systems. Time and cost savings are an important part of this. In this way, we aim to contribute to your success and to a world in which crops are cultivated sustainably using efficient technologies.

About us


Herriau has been synonymous with exceptionally high quality for many years. Seed drills need to continue to operate as intended under all circumstances. With users all over the world and a wide range of different substrates, from Northern European clay, to diverse terrain in Canada, to rocky New Zealand soil, we leave nothing to chance. To achieve the best possible quality and the highest load ratings and wear resistance, we use only the best materials.


We can continue to innovate thanks to our technical knowhow and ample experience. We consider both areas of improvement to existing machines and future economic and environmental concerns. Only by taking the future of agriculture into account can we continue to improve our seed drills and meet your expectations.


As every situation is different and we want our service to fit your needs, all our Satellite and Integrata seed drills and front hoppers are made to measure. While we start with a base model, these seeders are highly customisable and can be tailored to your needs and wishes.

Our products:

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Precision seeders

With our Satellite and Integrata precision air seeders, you can sow crops of all kinds with precision up to a tenth of a millimetre. In this way, you can optimise field quality and harvesting.
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Front hoppers

Using a front hopper assures you of truly optimal efficiency and a high yield. You gain flexibility and stability and thanks to the high capacity, fewer refill stops are required.
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To guarantee optimal performance of your Herriau seed drill, we recommend using original Herriau parts. That way you are always assured of superior quality, tailored to your needs.
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