Our Turbosem Satellite precision air seeder can be used to sow various types of seeds, from small to large, at extremely accurate spacing and depths. This seed drill can be used to sow crops such as maize, beans, spinach, peas, sugar beet or onions, depending on the type of disc. As you see; a must-have for every farmer and farm labourer. Are you searching for a new precision seeder that is tailored to your needs? Contact us today to discover the possibilities.

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Herriau Turbosem Satellite precision seeder: specifications

Herriau Satellite precision seeders are always delivered with a front hopper and mounted to a rotary harrow. This combination’s working width varies from 3 to 6 metres, with a minimum row spacing of 12.5 cm.

The Satellite precision seeder uses air to transport the seed. Each secondary hopper has a capacity of around 130 litres. This is fitted with a distributor head with an OLDS ELEVATORTM that can plant up to 12 rows. This secondary hopper is topped up by the front hopper automatically using sensors.

Machines with a working width of 4 metres or more fold up for road transport. The 4.6 and 5-metre versions can also be fitted with hydraulic folding wheels for transport to reduce the load to the tractor’s rear axle.

Type Working width (in m) Frame Capacity (in l) Number of units Minimum row spacing (in cm)
Satellite 3 3




2 x 130 (+ front hopper)







Satellite 3.5 3.5
Satellite 4 4
Satellite 4 4




Satellite 4.6 4.6


3 x 130 (+ front hopper)



Satellite 5 5
Satellite 6 6 4 x 130 (+ front hopper) 36 or 48

Turbosem Satellite: the benchmark

Extremely consistent metering and uniform crop emergence have made the Turbosem Satellite a precision seeder benchmark. This is due to the machine’s unique, patented distributor head. Seed feeds to the Satellite seeder’s distributor head by means of an OLDS ELEVATORTM, eliminating one of the blowers for machines with three or more distributor heads.

The Satellite precision seeder forms a single unit with the front hopper, the blower is mounted to the front hopper for an optimal weight distribution. This seed drill features hydraulic pistons to the rear. That means there is no power take-off between the rotary harrow and seed drill. This allows the rotary harrow to be disengaged on the headland.

Row units for Turbosem Satellite precision seeder


  • Integrated press wheel in share prevents rolling and improves capillarity
  • Depth gauge wheel next to press wheel for optimised contour following
  • Downforce on units by means of adjustable spring
  • Seeding depth adjustable from 0.5 to 7 cm with a spanner
  • Duckfoot on long units closes furrows

HD (Heavy Duty)

  • Heavier bearing for longer life
  • Stainless steel press wheel
  • Adjust seeding depth without tools

ISOBUS compatibility with monitor

All Herriau seed drills are ISOBUS-ready and can be fitted with a DICKEY-john monitor. Use this monitor to track data such as seed metering, area, skips and doubles and blocked rows. You can also use the monitor to control and adjust seed metering as needed during planting.

Benefits of the Turbosem Satellite precision seeder

  1. Consistent seed metering
  2. Consistent seeding depth at all times
  3. Simpler harvesting thanks to uniform plant stand

Opt for security with a custom Herriau precision seeder

Herriau precision seeders guarantee highly accurate placement, fast work and excellent ease of use.

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