Turbosem Integrata air seeders are highly versatile and can be used to sow multiple crops. Perfect metering and a unique press wheel ensure highly precise seed placement. Contact us today for a Turbosem Integrata air seeder that is tailored to your needs.

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Turbosem INTEGRATA air seeder: specifications

The Herriau Integrata is an air seeder with a fixed frame and 3, 3.5 and 4-metre working widths. This pneumatic seed drill has two distributor heads, each capable of feeding up to 12 row units. The 24 row units have a minimum row spacing of 12.5 cm.

Like Herriau’s other seed drills, Integrata seed drills feature a DICKEY-john IntelliAg ISO6 planter control system. Seed metering can be set continuously from the tractor cab, with no need for calibration or weighing of the seed. The screen also displays the rates of skips and doubles and notifies you of any blocked rows instantly.

The Herriau Integrata air seeder is mounted to a rotary harrow. When the seed drill and rotary harrow are ‘integrated’ as much as possible, this decreases the load on the tractor’s rear axle. Compared to the previous model, the rear axle load has been reduced by 1350 kg. By preference, the machine should be fitted with a Gompack™ packer roller to firm the soil for better seed-to-soil contact. Other packers can also be mounted on request. A levelling bar is included as standard.

Type Working width (in m) Frame Capacity (in l) Maximum number of units Minimum row spacing (in cm)
Integrata 3 3  




24 12.5
Integrata 3.5 3.5 24 14.6
Integrata 4 4 24 16.7

TIP: Combine an Integrata air seeder with a front hopper for even more capacity!

For those who prefer a non-integrated seed drill, there are also machines available on request that can be mounted to a rotary harrow using a coupling triangle.

Turbosem Integrata: exceptional capacity and extreme precision

Seed feeding for an Integrata air seeder takes place by means of either a conventional venturi system or an electrically powered venturi system with an impeller. A major benefit of an electric venturi system is that the air doesn’t heat up as much and there is less wear to the drive. The higher flow rate also ensures that the heads fill better. Herriau’s distinctive conical distributor heads are fitted with a sensor to indicate when the head is full, stopping the feed. This prevents unnecessary circulation for fewer broken seeds.

Row units for the Turbosem Integrata air seeder


  • Integrated press wheel in share prevents rolling and improves capillarity
  • Depth gauge wheel next to press wheel for optimised contour following
  • Adjustable spring applies downforce to units
  • Seeding depth adjustable from 0.5 to 7 cm with a spanner
  • Duckfoot on long units closes furrows

HD (Heavy Duty)

  • Heavier bearing for longer life
  • Stainless steel press wheel
  • Adjust seeding depth without tools

ISOBUS compatibility with monitor

Herriau seed drills are all ISOBUS-ready and can be fitted with a DICKEY-john monitor. Use this monitor to track data such as seed metering, area, skips and doubles and blocked rows. The monitor also allows you to control and adjust the seed metering during planting.

Benefits of the Turbosem Integrata air seeder

  1. Precise spacing between plants
  2. Optimal field quality
  3. Consistent seeding depth
  4. Simpler harvest

Opt for a Turbosem Integrata air seeder

This air seeder assures you of good emergence and optimal seed spacing.

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