A Herriau front hopper is an excellent way to improve your seed drill’s yield. Downtime decreases and refills become faster and easier. The front hopper can also be used for fertilisation when planting maize.

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Higher yield through extreme versatility, good visibility and optimum weight distribution

A larger seed drill isn’t the only way to increase yield. Adding a front hopper to your seed drill increases flexibility on fields with variable surfaces and due to its large capacity, fewer refill stops are required.

A front-rear combination’s well-balanced weight distribution doesn’t just offer you greater stability during planting and on the road, it also means you can use a less powerful tractor.

Thanks to the Herriau front hopper’s compact construction, you maintain good visibility. The hopper opening is large enough for fast, easy refills using big bags, a wheel loader or a telehandler.

Front hoppers
Front hoppers
Front hoppers

Herriau front hoppers

A standard Herriau front hopper weighs 1720 kg unloaded. The capacity is 1100 litres for the smaller model or 1500 litres for the larger one. Our front hoppers are designed for use in combination with our Integrata and Satellite seed drills. A Satellite seed drill is fitted with a front hopper as standard due to its secondary hoppers’ reduced capacity.

The hopper’s large opening makes adding more seed using big bags an easy matter. Its low height of 142 cm means manual refilling from a bag is a simple process as well. Emptying the hopper is just as fast and easy. Simply slide open the door in the base to let the seed fall out. Sensors in the seed drill hoppers will activate the feed mechanism automatically whenever the seed in the back drops below a certain level.

Working width (in m)

3 to 6

Capacity (in l)

1100 OR 1500

Net weight (in kg)


Herriau front hoppers can be fitted with a tyre packer to pack down the ground evenly during planting. This also serves to lighten the load on the tractor’s front axle. The tyre packer can be lifted independently of the front hydraulics, meaning the blower’s PTO stays horizontal.

Combining seeding and fertilisation for numerous benefits

Certain crops, such as maize, benefit greatly from the use of starter fertilisers on emergence.

Proper fertilisation of seedlings at an early stage enhances crop vigour and reduces weed pressure.

Front hoppers

Herriau front hoppers for optimum balance and efficiency

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